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Automated consent management solution (SGAC)



The management of digital personal data is currently an important issue and the research team has designed an architecture to maximize the confidentiality of personal data while ensuring patient safety.


The Access and Consent Management Solution was developed by the CHUS Sherbrooke (CIUSSS) and the University of Sherbrooke. This architecture aims to give more flexibility in access management while maximizing the time-response performance on the part of the system. The product developed is of industrial quality and is ready for implementation. It is the most powerful access control tool on the market, both in terms of flexibility/functionality and processing efficiency.


- User-friendly application for managing access control policies: very simple, powerful, flexible language for expressing access rules.
- Supports large rule bases (tested with >1 million rules and >20,000 users, with an average response time of <3ms per access request).
- High-performance access controller: rule indexing algorithm, simple and efficient management of priorities between rules.
- Designed to be in operation 24/7.
- Real-time update of security policies.
- Operates in client-server mode (REST interface).
- Scaling (scalable) (Node.js server).
- Logging (log, audit trail).
- Return to the past (rollback) to return to a state of the rule base on a given date (for analysis purposes in the event of a legal challenge or other). 
- Graphical tool for visualization and validation of rules and accesses, simulation of accesses, etc.


The system was developed for the medical sector, but it can be applied to other sectors since it is totally configurable. All digital personal data management applications could benefit from this solution. Here are some examples of applications:

  • Medical sector: telepresence, computerized clinical record (DCI), electronic medical record (EMR), electronic health record (EHR) and personal health record (DSP), health information system (SIS), the system information system (HIS), the EMR for ambulatory care (aEMR), etc.

  • Business information systems: banks, law firms, insurers.

  • Government sector: Ministry of Justice, Revenue Agency.

  • Social networks: images, posts, etc.


Business license.


We are currently looking for a promoter who will be responsible for marketing the system and continuing its development in the future.

Project Director: Josianne Vigneault

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