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Our objectives:


Set up major and multidisciplinary research projects


Validate and improve your work through collaborations with organizations and companies


Deploy your work in order to positively and effectively impact society


Prepare students for the labor market or help them in the creation of a spin-off or nonprofit organisation

Innovations from the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The promotion and commercialization of innovations from the field of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences have recently been added to TransferTech's service offering.


Any work from such field, which is new and marketable (as product, service or otherwise), can be protected, enhanced and commercialized by TransferTech.


Innovations in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences may take the following forms:

  • analytical methods;

  • projects aimed at transforming living environments;

  • solutions promoting the accessibility of services;

  • organizing and disseminating information methods;

  • performance assessment and management tools;

  • communication and governance platforms;

  • intervention protocols;

  • self-management techniques and empowerment solutions.


Since there are multiple definitions of "social innovation", we prefer the designation "Human, Arts and Social Sciences innovation".


While impact or, in other words, the extent of the social transformation or the anticipated positive effects often constitute an assessment criterion in the field of social innovation, this aspect proves difficult to quantify prior to the deployment of such innovations.


For TransferTech, the retained criterion of interest is thus focused on practice : any innovation resulting from university research in the field of Humanities, Art and Social Sciences that is likely to interest at least one economic partner vouches for its valorization.


Normally, copyright is the form of intellectual property that most effectively protects innovations in the field of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion!


In practice, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences innovations are mostly deployed through mobile applications or software in combination with a transfer of expertise.

We can help you figure out how to package your project in order to facilitate your innovation transfer to a partner.

We will gladly discuss with you!

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