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Employés UdeS: Texte

Bring your ideas to fruition

Employés UdeS: Texte

Our services allow you to:


Complete the development of your inventions according to market needs


Obtain research and technology validation funding


Work with leading industries


Commercialize your inventions


Start your own business 


Showcase your discoveries while improving society and the environment


Learn about the commercialization process

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Learn more about TransferTech, innovations from the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) and intellectual property (IP)

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Business start-up

Although starting an academic spin-off company can be challenging, it can also be the best way to develop your innovation's full potential and to gain valuable work experience.


TransferTech can help you make an informed decision and optimize all the financial levers, favoring your chances of success in this endeavor.


We are passionate about this field and several members of our team have personally carried out entrepreneurial projects, including some in the scientific field.

Consult the grant directory


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Canada's leading organization supporting excellence in discovery and innovation, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) supports visionary, curious and innovative minds who aspire to achieve scientific and technical breakthroughs for the benefit of our country.


National Research Council Canada

Canada's largest federal research and development agency.


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Federal granting agency that encourages and supports research and research training in the humanities.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Agency of the Government of Canada responsible for investing in health research. Comprised of 13 institutes, they work with partners and researchers to support discoveries and innovations that improve the health of people and the health care system in Canada.


Ministry of Economy and Innovation

The Department's mission is to support business growth and productivity, entrepreneurship, research, innovation and its commercialization, as well as investment, digital development and export markets.


Quebec Research Fund

The Fonds de recherche du Québec offer innovative programs that promote an intersectoral approach to research as well as interactions between science and society.

Quebec's advanced materials research and innovation hub


PRIMA Quebec leads and supports the ecosystem of advanced materials, a driver of innovation and growth for Quebec. Through its support and the funding offered, it helps to stimulate the competitiveness of Quebec businesses by allowing them to benefit from research expertise.



A historical pioneer of the Canadian artificial intelligence ecosystem, Mitacs has been building strong research collaborations between the private and academia sectors for 20 years.



Increases the competitive advantage of Quebec companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector through R&D partnerships with the institutional research community.

Innovation in electrical energy


Supports the development and financing of collaborative projects related to the electrical industry, smart grids, transport electrification, intelligent vehicles and transport systems.


Consortium for Research and Innovation in Industrial Bioprocesses in Quebec

Promotes and supports the realization of innovative projects in the industrial sectors of the bioeconomy in Quebec.


Aerospace Research and Innovation Consortium in Quebec

Its role is to bring together ecosystems and develop a new generation of innovators to strengthen Quebec's technological leadership in cutting-edge aerospace applications: digital aviation, future air mobility and sustainable aerospace.


Regional Climatology and Climate Change Adaptation Consortium

Innovation center and place of consultation allowing the Quebec society to better adapt to climate change.



Accelerates the development of innovative solutions, their validation and their integration into health networks. Positions Quebec and Canadian products and services from the medtech sector, locally and internationally, thus generating a major economic impact while improving patient care.

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